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To win this category, a campaign must have succeeded in capturing the imagination of the audience to a significant degree. The activity will have generated tangible action from the target audience (not just 'likes'...)


The Gnome Experiment

Scales manufacturer Kern wanted to target the education and science sectors but faced a commoditised market and a disinterested media. So the team decided to harness the brand’s USP – its gravitational calibration – to create the Gnome Experiment, a global research project aimed at proving that gravity varies by place, affecting weight. A gnome and scales were shipped between a variety of destinations and a blog and twitter feed recorded the results, offering much scope for social media sharing and resulting publicity. The project site registered 52,425 views one week after the Jan 2012 launch and sales increased by 22% through the year. To read more, click here.

Awkward Conversations

Public Health England has some big challenges – prevent teens from smoking or taking drugs and delay decisions to have sex or drink alcohol until they’re legally able to. This campaign aimed to get 11-16 year olds talking about these subjects. The team turned to ten of ChannelFlip’s most popular bloggers, asking them to record films around the subject of Awkward Conversations. The aim was to encourage viewers to comment and add their own stories. The ten films were watched over five million times and elicited over 54,000 comments. To read more, click here.

50 Things to do before you’re 11¾

In an effort to get a generation of sedentary children off the sofa and into the great outdoors, the National Trust compiled a list of 50 exciting outdoor activities for children, including bug hunting, flying a kite and setting up a snail race. The real beauty of this campaign though came in the activation – by signing up online, children could navigate their personal list of the 50 Things, and earn virtual awards. The 350 National Trust venues also joined in, hosting a variety of themed activities and give-aways of scrapbooks. 90% of visitors engaging with the campaign said they’d spend more time outdoors as a result. To read more, click here.