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We're looking for a campaign that has at its heart an original, clearly expressed creative idea.

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Don’t Muck Around

Charn­wood Boro­ugh Council spent the grand total of £550 on its ‘Don’t Muck Around’ camp­aign to reduce fly-tipping, cigarette litter and dog fouling over three months last autumn. The most success­ful part of the campaign involved an ‘ash mob’ of volun­teers dressed as human cigarettes lying down for five minutes in Lough­borough Town Centre; the resulting film collect­ed 880 views on YouTube. 32% fewer cigarette ends were discard­ed, helping the council shave £19,371 from its clean-up budget. To read more, click here.

50 Things to do before you’re 11¾

In an effort to get a generation of sedentary children off the sofa and into the great outdoors, the National Trust compiled a list of 50 exciting outdoor activities for children, including bug hunting, flying a kite and setting up a snail race. The real beauty of this campaign though came in the activation – by signing up online, children could navigate their personal list of the 50 Things, and earn virtual awards. The 350 National Trust venues also joined in, hosting a variety of themed activities and give-aways of scrapbooks. 90% of visitors engaging with the campaign said they’d spend more time outdoors as a result. To read more, click here.

Disrupt the Ryder Cup

They aimed to disrupt the Ryder Cup by unsettling the US team and encouraging the European players. What the Paddy Power marketers couldn’t have predicted was quite how impactful their idea to skywrite tweets with the hashtag #GoEurope would be. Heavy TV coverage yielded an extra 2,000 Twitter followers for the brand, 5,000 new Facebook fans, and a significant rise in betting revenue. But it was controversial. The Paddy Power team deliberately chose tweets which would put the Americans off; “Mrs Dufner (wife of a US player) is hot”…and “anyone seen Tiger?”. To read more, click here.

Don’t Cover It Up

Refuge wanted to encourage women experiencing domestic violence to talk about it. You Tube cosmetics star Lauren Luke was asked to produce one of her typical films with one shocking difference – she pretended to be making herself up to cover facial bruises. The final screen bore the campaign’s slogan – ‘Don’t Cover It Up’ – together with Refuge’s details. Engagement with this film was extraordinary – 1.2m views, 4.4m comments, but most importantly 34,550 people visited (double the usual traffic) and 6,000 people contacted the charity to ask for help. The budget? Zero. To read more, click here.